CLEANSE - Wellness Bath Bomb
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CLEANSE - Wellness Bath Bomb

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Calming / Anti-aging

*gemstone inside

Rejuvenates skin, anti-aging, eases tension in neck muscles.  Calms anxiety and stress.

Essential Oil Ingredients

Frankincense essential oil is a tree resin, in which it is extracted from the tree bark and has been valued since ancient times for medicinal, aromatic, spiritual and cosmetic purposes. For the skin, it's an effective toner, reduces fine lines and inflammation.

Myrrh essential oil is also a tree resin, in which it is extracted from a tree being botanically related to frankincense and is a highly reputable oil worldwide for being a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants benefit the body by neutralizing and removing free radicals.  Free radicals damage skin cells which in turn cause premature aging or other skin damage

Other Ingredients

grape seed oil, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, epsom salt, turmeric, crystal





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