Lavender Body Oil
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Lavender Body Oil

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The Lavender Body Oil is a multi-use oil blend.  Use as an all over body moisturizer to nourish and soften skin, especially after being in the sun, water or other elements.  Lavender is excellent for healing skin, fading marks during the healing process, killing bacteria, treating soreness or inflammation and nourishing the scalp to help prevent hair thinning or loss.  For wellness, it's a natural stress or anxiety reliever and helps to induce sleep right before bedtime.

Lavender Body Oil Uses:
• Use immediately after drying off from the shower when the skin is damp.  A little stretches a long way and this process will hydrate your skin the most.
• Use for massaging
• Use on body, hair or scalp
• Mosquitoes hate lavender; use as a bug repellent instead of chemical-filled sprays

2 oz: Apply liberally to body

Ingredient Highlight
Lavender essential oil comes from the flower of the lavender plant and is valued for its fresh sweet aroma and versatility. For the skin, its anti-bacterial, treats dry skin, cleanses, soothe irritated skin and helps regenerate skin cells, therefore it is great for scarring, spots or mature skin.

Our lavender essential oil is pure therapeutic grade.  It is produced in France by steam distillation.

Other Ingredients

almond oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e, lavender essential oil

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