Recycling Tips

For both plastic and glass containers

     Remove the tops from jars and bottles

     Rinse the containers

     Separate them from other garbage

     Place in the appropriate recycle bin


Based on our formulations and safety while using the product, we use a combination of rigid PET or glass, depending on the product.  What's important is that all of these containers are appropriately being recycled in skin care and all other containers that we use day to day.  We're committed to recycling everyday! 


PET plastics are recyclable.  They are a good barrier to gas, moisture and light, with a heat resistance of up to 160 degrees F.  PET is highly resistant to butters, oils or typical skin care liquids.  Once these jars or bottles reach the recycling facility, they are cleaned,  granulated into flakes and made into new containers. 



The structure of glass is strong.  Less energy is needed to recycle glass.  However, if glass is not recycled it can take up to a million years to decompose.  


"This page is not meant to substitute for your local recycling rules and regulations.  Consult your recycling provider for specific information."