The Botanical Self Care Box - Spring Inspired
The Botanical Self Care Box - Spring Inspired
The Botanical Self Care Box - Spring Inspired
The Botanical Self Care Box - Spring Inspired
The Botanical Self Care Box - Spring Inspired
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The Botanical Self Care Box - Spring Inspired

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The Botanical Self Care Box is designed to support you on your path with herbal products that nurtures the body from the inside out.   

Begin with a beautiful seasonal herbal tea. The Spring Revival Herbal Tea Blend complements the season with herbs that will spring the body into action. 

The Flower Power Facial is just what is needed this time of the year.  When the weather begins to get warmer, skin is more exposed to pollution and the appearance of our skin is at the forefront.  With this routine, get glowing skin with this botanical steamer.  A specially formulated mixture of organic floral herbs infused with essential oils to deep cleanse pores and tone the face.

Moisturize and inhale the aroma of the BOLD ROSE herbal oil.  This non-greasy formula boldly serves as a multipurpose oil.  It may be used on the body and scalp, as well as hair, nails or bath water.  The aromatherapy benefits includes mental relaxation and calming in a large 4 oz bottle for the entire season.

Let's not stop there, included in this box is a set of Palo Santo incense to relax your mood while you're doing your routine.    Spring is here and this botanical box contain the tools to support your beauty and wellness routines from the inside out!


4 servings of the Flower Power Facial - retails at $22
Hydrate with 30+ servings of the limited edition Spring Revival Tea - retails at $15
Include the BOLD ROSE Herbal Oil with authentic organic rose essential oils, use from head to toe - retails at $36 
Inhale the essence of Palo Santo Sticks for when you're in a chill mood or during your self care routine time - retails at $10

Based on individual pricing, the included items would retail for $83 in total. 

Save over 40% when you purchase The Botanical Self Care Box at $48

Be in harmony with the current season by nurturing the body with supporting herbs.  Use less product by using authentic products with no fillers, such as the BOLD ROSE Herbal Oil.  Products last longer and skin looks and feel better. 

There's More! You get PERKS! 

What happens if you share or run out of any of the products?  Come back to our shop and you'll have the option to purchase the individual products with a discount code that you will receive in your box.  This is one of our biggest deals yet!
Here's a few reasons to purchase The Botanical Self Care Box:
Enjoy the herbs of the season, feel present and intentional about your product use.
The ease of a specially curated Beauty and Wellness Routine - all instructions are included.
Save time with a selection of organic herbs chosen by herbal experts.
Make a commitment of doing more Self Care.
Stay Informed - receive supporting informational herbal cards.
Send a Gift to Someone Special
You’re a busy mom, business owner, ect. and seeking a healthy relaxing routine. 
You’re a nature lover and enjoy using herbs of the season 
You enjoy variety
You have an appreciation for organic and cruelty free products supporting small organic farmers
Limited Supply, Order Today
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We Love Making Beauty and Wellness Routines Convenient!  Can you tell how excited we are! As soon as you open your new box, we believe that you will feel the effort.  Make herbs a part of your life and daily routine for beauty and wellness   

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Additional Product Descriptions
Spring Revival Herbal Tea:  Spring is like an awakening in nature. Flowers begin to bloom, roots begin to expand again. Everything that was once asleep begins to awaken. Likewise for us, we find that spring is a time where energy levels are needed to increase, especially for tasks like spring cleaning.   Spring is the season to come out of the cocoon of winter and to enjoy the outdoors more often.  There is more daylight time for work or play. There are many reasons for why Spring is the season to step it up. This tea symbolizes the revival of spring, highlighting the Nettle herb.  The Nettle plant is fearless.  It is one of the first plants to thrive during the early parts of spring, even during a frost or chilly day.  It leads the way in nature to get a move on.  Enjoy this elegant floral spring tea, which includes herbal flowers, encompassing the essence of the season. This blend is designed to revive the body from the inside after the chill.  The Spring Revival Herbal Tea has a sweet floral taste and aroma, giving it an elegant appeal. 

Herbal Highlight: Nettles - Known to rebuild blood, especially after a cold season.  It is a natural multivitamin containing Chlorophyll, minerals and vitamins B, K and A.

Flower Power Facial / Botanical Face Steamer: - Bring nature inside with this powerful fragrant floral blend infused with essential oils to lift your mood while deeply cleansing and toning skin.  Pores are opened during the steaming process to deeply cleanse and tone, allowing skincare products to work more effectively.  Follow up with a moisturizer. (instructions provided, not for children)

BOLD ROSE Herbal Oil:  Every use is liking receiving a dozen of roses.  Infused with beautiful rose petals to compliment the therapeutic grade essential rose oils.  Use all over your body or scalp but don’t stop there.  This multi-use oil may be dropped into bath water or used as a gentle make up remover.  The benefits includes softening, toning and vibrant skin.  As a welcomed bonus, the aromatherapy benefits of rose oil includes calming and reducing tension. (Lg. 4 oz)

Palo Santo:  With an ancient history, Palo Santo is one of the oldest forms of incense in several cultures.   Studies show that the wood from Palo Santo trees are known to relief colds, headaches or anxiety.  In addition, its  pleasant aroma aids in relaxation.   It’s been characterized in similarity to frankincense and myrrh.  (instructions provided, not for children)



Notes: Product descriptions have not been evaluated  by the FDA and is based on past studies. This product or information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any pre-existing health conditions or concerns, consult your Dr before consuming any herb.  If you are pregnant, consult your Dr before consuming herbs or using products with essential oils.

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