Lavender Body Butter
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Lavender Body Butter

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Relax with the Lavender Body Butter, known for it's popular fragrance and numerous health benefits. For the skin lavender is known for helping with dry skin, acne, eczema or psoriasis.  For wellness, it's a natural stress or anxiety reliever which increases cognitive functions.  It also helps to induce sleep right before bed time.  Our body butter has a stronger protection seal and can be used many different ways.

Lavender Body Butter Uses:
• Use a dab to protect your face, hands, or other exposed areas. 
• Use to moisturize or soften areas such as feet or elbows.
• Use daily on dry skin or isolate to problem areas.
• Apply to temples or chest before bed
• Apply to scars or spots for an even skin tone


4 oz: Apply liberally to body

Ingredient Showcase

Lavender essential oil comes from the flower of the lavender plant and is valued for its fresh sweet aroma and versatility.  For the skin, its anti-bacterial, treats dry skin, cleanses, soothe irritated skin and helps regenerate skin cells, therefore it is great for scarring, spots or mature skin.

Other ingredients:

shea butter, coconut oil, argon oil, grape seed oil, vitamin e

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