Mango Orange Body Scrub
Mango Orange Body Scrub
Mango Orange Body Scrub
Monette Naturals

Mango Orange Body Scrub

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Now with Aloe for extra moisture and healing

Monette Naturals body scrubs are filled with luxury organic ingredients with a unique blend of pure oils to moisturize skin while cleansing and exfoliating. 

Like a fresh squeezed glass of juice for your skin to drink up, ignite a joyous mood with the Mango Orange body scrub, loaded with ground mango and orange peel powders for a refreshing body exfoliation. 

Ingredient Showcase

Orange Peels have twice as much Vitamin C as the flesh of an orange.  Vitamin C helps to remove free radicals that destroy skin cells and also helps to polish your skin for a natural glow, which makes orange peels a bonus ingredient in the mango orange body scrub.

Description: 16 oz 

How to Use: Apply to wet skin, then rinse when it starts to dissolve. Prevent water from entering the jar to preserve freshness. 

Ingredients: pure cane sugar*, mangoes*, oranges*, argan oil*, safflower oil*, sesame oil*, jojoba oil*, grapeseed oil*, aloe vera*, essential oil*, natural fragrance (*organic ingredient)

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