Mood Sticks - Lip Balms
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Mood Sticks - Lip Balms

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The Mood Sticks are the perfect blend of butters and oils to moisturize lips, infused with essential oils for an aromatic boost.  The pure essential oil aromas are directly inhaled when you apply.  Choose from 3 amazing aromas.(translucent - colorless when applied)

Tranquil - relax with lovely scents of lavender
Fresh - get a boost of natural energy with a peppermint herbal aroma
Festive -  a blend of citrus oils to promote a joyous mood

Suggested Use:

  • Use Daily as a Lip Balm
  • Use with your favorite lipstick for added moisture
  • Depending on your mood, apply whenever needing an aromatherapy boost

How to add Mood Sticks to your Beauty & Wellness routines:

  • Apply Tranquil before bed every night
  • Apply Fresh during your morning routine for a natural boost
  • Use Festive or any of the others throughout the day, depending on your mood


Ingredients:coco butter, shea butter, beeswax, soybean oil, sunflower oil, argan oil, aloe vera, vitamin e, mica, pure essential oil blends for aromas (no artificial fragrances)

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