Tea Tree Body Scrub
Tea Tree Body Scrub
Monette Naturals

Tea Tree Body Scrub

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Now with Aloe for extra moisture and healing

Monette Naturals body scrubs are filled with luxury organic ingredients with a unique blend of pure oils to moisturize skin while cleansing and exfoliating. 

The Tea Tree body scrub is made with pure therapeutic grade tea tree essential oil.  With our Tea Tree body scrub, you will get the benefits of the anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree essential oil which relieves itchy or dry skin as well as boost the benefits of using a body scrub, since it helps to remove dead skin cells layers.  After using, you're stuck with super soft skin.

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Tea Tree essential oil extracted from the twigs and leaves of the Tea Tree (the botanical name is Melaleuca).  It has a highly esteemed reputation as a cure all for most infections.  For the skin, it's known for its antibacterial properties, helping with skin irritations, eczema or psoriasis.

Description: 16 oz

How to Use: Apply to wet skin, then rinse when it starts to dissolve. Prevent water from entering the jar to preserve freshness. 

Ingredients: pure cane sugar*, argan oil*, safflower oil*, sesame oil*, jojoba oil*, grapeseed oil*, aloe vera*, essential oil* (*organic ingredient)

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