Rose Water Recipe

Rose Water

Roses are the most romantic of all flowers and here is yet another reason why we adore them so much.  Rose petals can be utilized  to make rose water for natural skincare. 

Rose water is known to:
sooth irritated skin,
cleanse skin,
balance oily skin,
rejuvenate skin,
soften and tone skin,
add a beautiful glow
 and nourish the skin.

All Natural Rose Water Recipe Makes:16 oz

Ingredients: 2 cups of rose petals, 2 cups distilled water spray bottle

Pour water into a glass pot and heat until just before boiling. (Do not use a metal pot.) Remove pot from heat. Put the rose petals in the scalding water and let soak for a hour covered. Strain into a funnel and into your spray bottle. Squeeze the water from the petals. Store in the refrigerator for up to 4 months. Save some extra petals for a foot soak or rose bath.


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