Don't Allow Dry Itchy Skin to Keep You From Having Winter Fun! Here's How

Is a Winter Skin Care Regimen really a thing?

The simple answer is yes.  The reasons vary for many based on your environment but even if you're in a season where the weather gets extremely dry at certain times of the year, it may cause you to see some problems occurring in your skin.  Just by changing up a few things, you can keep glowing soft skin even during the dry or winter months.    

In general, being more aware and intentional around retaining the moisture in your skin is a huge win!  The first thing to be mindful of is your cleansing routine.  Use a cleanser that is also a moisturizer. In general, the less suds the better. Typically, the substances that produce a lot of suds actually strips the skin of it's natural oils, which causes a person to work overtime to replace those oils, such as using more product than what is needed.  In addition, be mindful of the ingredients in your facial masks.  You don't want to undo all of the work you put into cleansing and moisturizing by using harmful facial masks, loaded with synthetic ingredients.  Be consistent with moisture products, such as facial oils or creams that help to replenish the moisture lost. Include facial steaming for hydration and deep cleansing. Lastly, remember to consume beneficial skin herbs and vitamins.

What does that look like for Monette Naturals products? 


Monette Naturals Face Cleanser, is a gentle oil cleanser for sensitive skin, no heavy suds, fragrances or chemicals, leaving the skin freshly cleansed without stripping away precious oils.



Pay careful attention to your mask ingredients. Monette Naturals Pineapple Matcha Mask is 100% natural giving the skin much needed Vitamin C and antioxidants, which is a huge bonus during dry or winter seasons. The Pineapple Matcha  Face Mask is designed to feed and purify the skin, while gently removing toxins accumulated from the air.  Air pollutants from cars, ect., are mostly invisible, so this is especially beneficial if you live or work in an urban area.  You'll feel an immediate change in your skin after using this product.

Face Moisturizers


With so many moisturizers on the market, how does one choose?  One thing for sure, is that anything with added synthetics will not do the skin any justice during the winter.  Before you walk out the door or once you put makeup on top, you'll see your skin starting to dry out immensely.  What's so special about Monette Naturals Blue Chai Collection is that they resemble each other in their ingredients, therefore these two may be used together to provide an extra barrier of protection, locking in moisture.  The oil is more potent in nutrients, while the cream helps to lock in moisture.  Mix a squirt of the cream and oil in your palm, then massage into the face and neck area.  This technique also helps to protect the skin from makeup application.

Skin Herbs

You can give your products an edge by supplementing your body with Vitamin C and antioxidants using skin boosting herbs.  Monette Naturals Skin Boost Tea contains all the natural herbs that may not come easily in your everyday diet.  This tea may be drunk hot or cold, making it easy to get the benefits of herbs like ginger and turmeric into the body. The body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, which helps to bind water to collagen, giving the skin a glow effect.  When you consistently consume certain vitamins, such as Vitamin C, it supports the natural production of hyaluronic acid, putting you a step ahead when fighting any winter skin woes.  Simply put, drink plenty of water + include vitamins and herbs =  Your skin will thank you later!  

 Face Steaming

For added hydration, include a facial steam.  Monette Naturals Flower Power Facial Botanical Steamer, contains herbs that nourishes and tones skin.  In addition, pores open to release toxins and dirt without drying out the skin. Always follow up this process with a good moisturizer.

While each person is unique, a sample winter routine using these products could look something like this! 

  • Daily Morning & Night / Cleanse and Moisturize 
  • Mask 1 to 2 times a week (use mask as a gentle exfoliator while rinsing)
  • Do facial steam process once a week
  • Drink Skin Boosting Tea daily
  • Remember to keep hydrated throughout the day with water

Make it simple and use the time you already have set aside for skincare.  Just by switching up a few things, you'll be winter skin ready in no time!



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