Get Ready for Bed with an Easy Natural Skincare Regimen

After A Busy Day,

Get Ready for Bed with an Easy Natural Skincare Regimen

Moms want to crawl to their beds after a busy day. Who wants to hit the bathroom before they hit the sheets? For healthy looking skin, you want to. But, getting ready for bed doesn’t have to be a chore with these easy to follow tips.

Throughout the day, your skin is faced with many different situations. You have the dirt and dust from everyday life clinging to you. Sweat, tears, kisses and other things touch your face.

The evidence may not be readily visible to the naked eye, but it is there. Not washing your face, means a big job to wake up to in the morning. Besides, who wants to go to sleep with a shell of daily grime covering their face?

1. Apply an oil based makeup remover. Using a cotton ball, sweep across your face to remove all traces of makeup. Even mineral makeup should be removed so that you don’t have a buildup on your skin. 

2. Use a facial mask. A mask acts as an astringent to pull the dirt from your pores. It prevents blackheads from forming in the first place. A night mask can be applied first while you go about other nighttime activities like brushing your teeth.  It is the best way to detox your delicate facial skin and neck area.

3. Brush your hair.  A nightly brushing removes tangles and stimulates the hair follicles. Start at the root (scalp) and brush to the ends. Shed hair is removed in the brush and your scalp gets a soothing massage, helping you rest better.

4. Apply a night balm to your face to moisturize and protect your face during the night. Rubbing your cheeks on the pillow as you sleep can irritate your skin and lead to dryness if you don’t apply any type of moisturizer after cleansing.

5. Apply a lip balm to your lips and extra moisture to hands and feet using a body butter. Lips, hands and feet get dry at night.  If you put on socks after applying the moisturizer, the skin on your feet will soften even more. It is like a mini spa treatment. Moisturizing your hands is just as important to prevent wrinkles and cracking over time. The same goes for lips. If you shower before bed, apply a light body oil to your body. The right body oil will easily absorb and nourish your skin without any toxins.

Maybe you want to just hit the sheets but you’ll feel better as you lay your head down after this bedtime beauty regimen.  Once you get used to it, you’ll see that it really takes no time at all to get ready for a night of unbroken rest for you and your skin. 


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