8 Benefits of Lavender

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When thinking of lavender, usually some version of a purple flower comes to mind.  Most would agree that lavender flowers or lavender fields are absolutely gorgeous.  Well, let’s talk about lavender essential oil.  Lavender essential oil is derived from the lavender plant, in a pure form, it is beneficial in so many ways.    For this reason, lavender is the first essential oil, I fell in love with, not only for its relaxing aroma but also for its skin benefits.  If you haven’t tried our lavender body butter or scrub, I urge you to give it a try and look for the added benefits listed here that this lovely essential oil is known for. 

Lavender is known to:  

                Reduce irritation

                Treat acne

                Treat eczema

                Treat psoriasis

                Speed up the healing of scar tissues

                Tone skin

                Smooth fine lines

                Help repel bugs


Let us know what other benefits you have experienced or if you're amazed at the skin benefits from lavender?  

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  • nabil on

    thanks for sharing benefits of using Lavender essential oil for Treat eczema. Also check this bloglavender-oil to see more benefits of Lavender essential oil.

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