Looks You Give On A Good Skin Day! 5 Tips To Keep Your Skin From Singing The Winter Blues

Looks You Give On A Good Skin Day! 
              5 Tips To Keep Your Skin From Singing 'The Winter Blues'

During the long cold winter months, many people suffer from dry skin more often, because of low humidity in their homes and the cold weather outside. Some of the symptoms of dry skin are itchy, flaky and scaling, when the outer skin layer visibly peels. Here is several natural skin care tips that will help you avoid or cure dry itchy skin.

1. Moisture: The cause of dry skin is not lack of oil in your skin but lack of water. Immediately after taking a shower or bath, apply moisturizes to help trap the moisture in your skin. People with dry skin often experience wrinkles and fine lines prematurely, so use moisturizers and bath oils that contain coconut oil.

2. Air Quality: Use a humidifier in your home and at work, if possible, during the winter months. If your skin is itching, apply cool compresses, which is a simple, natural approach that works well.

3. Eat Well:  Eat foods that contain essential fatty acids every day. Also, eat snacks that are high fiber such as figs, dates, dried fruit, raw seeds, and raw nuts.

4. Be Conscious: Products containing harsh chemicals often remove the natural oils on your skin causing the skin to become irritated and dry. Repeated scratching or rubbing often causes small scratches or wounds, which could become sore or infected. Products with tree tea oil oil has great anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties that help prevent infections and sooth the itch.

5. Natural Home Remedy: After applying warm water or a warm cloth on your face to open the pores, spread honey over your face. Rinse this off after twenty minutes using warm water followed by cooler water.  Honey moisturizes and speeds up healing.

Follow these tips and your skin will not be singing the winter blues but instead will stay glowing and healthy all year long!


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  • Richa Sharma on

    This is very informative blog related to clean our face and all the which we can procure so that our face can look clean and I want to add on another things in these suggestions like wash your face two times in a day and use face wash which suites your skin and keep your face clean.If I say I use lemon face wash which suites my skin.

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